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Ativa™ Automated Ops | Automated Network Operations

AI/ML-powered workflow, process and analytics automation

Ativa Automated Ops - Product overview

Product overview

Built-in AIOps-powered automation: cross-domain, cross-application workflow, process and analytics automation for the next generation NOC/SOC. 

Ativa™ Automated Ops reduces time and effort for network and service operations by unlocking automation use cases that span multiple applications. It provides workflow, analytics and network automation. Using advanced AI and ML algorithms, combined with active testing, network configuration tools and open APIs it provides accurate analytics and predictions, with zero-touch configuration supported by active diagnostics and validation, and cross-domain correlation. 

Part of the cloud-native Ativa™ suite of applications for Automated Assurance & Operations, Ativa Automated Ops is flexible and future-proof. It seamlessly interoperates with Ativa Experience, Ativa App, and Ativa Net, unlocking advanced use cases like 360° Assurance and Smart CAPEX. Open APIs and SDKs support interoperability with other applications for responsive, flexible use case creation. 

Key benefits

Advanced AI/ML-driven automated analytics and troubleshooting

Advanced AI/ML-driven automated analytics and troubleshooting

It improves troubleshooting information and accuracy with AI/ML pattern discovery and correlation, with alarm noise reduction and prioritization to increase predictive accuracy and improve NOC/SOC task scheduling to minimize customer impact. It supports ‘what-if’ analysis for accurate prediction of network and business outcomes under different usage, capacity and configuration scenarios.

Expansion of monitoring capabilities with pro-active testing and validation functionality

Active assurance with proactive testing and validation

Augmented monitoring, troubleshooting and validation is supported with active testing, for proactive issue identification, diagnostics and resolution. It supports highly demanding scenarios such as critical networks assurance, and pre-launch validation and testing.

Workflow automation

Flexible, intuitive workflow automation

It enables rapid GUI-based creation of cross-application automated workflows with pre-integrated capabilities shared across all the Ativa modules as well as API-based integration with third party systems.

Self-healing with zero-touch configuration

Self-healing with zero-touch configuration

It supports automated configuration of network functions for optimization and healing actions.

Deliver business outcomes with Automated Assurance and Operations

Use cases

Ativa Ops - Workflow automation

Workflow automation

It enables GUI-based automation workflow design and management, across all Ativa modules for process automation, troubleshooting and healing actions.

Use case:

Automated process flows to drive troubleshooting and issue remediation

Ativa Ops - Active testing and validation

Active testing and validation

It enhances troubleshooting with active test and validation capabilities, to enhance fault finding accuracy.

Use case:

Expand monitoring with active testing and validation options

Ativa Ops - Zero touch configuration

Zero-touch configuration

It enables automation of workflows for network self-healing and optimization through integrated zero-touch network configuration and orchestrator interoperability.

Use case:

Network optimization and healing with automated zero-touch configuration

AIOps for advanced analytics and predictions

AIOps for advanced analytics and predictions

This feature supports alarm suppression and advanced fault management scenarios, by automating alarm correlation and discovery, enabling the rapid isolation of root-causes, and avoiding time and effort investigating low priority faults.

Use case:

AI/ML driven noise reduction