Ativa Experience - End-to-end Customer experience analytics, assurance and optimization

Ativa™ Experience | Customer Experience Assurance

End-to-end customer experience analytics, assurance and optimization

Ativa Experience - product overview

Product overview

Operators use Ativa™ Experience to deliver superior, differentiated, carrier-grade experiences while reducing OPEX and TCO. Ativa Experience provides deep, actionable insights into perceived quality of experience, with intuitive cross-domain analytics and automation for proactive issue resolution and experience optimization.  

Ativa Experience enables NOC/SOC teams to identify, prioritize and resolve problems before they impact the customer. Sales and marketing teams gain rich, segmented intelligence into customer behavior and preferences for agile, customer insights-driven business decision-making. Intuitive and flexible dashboards enable seamless navigation from intelligent aggregated customer experience index scores to per-service, location, segment, device, user and session drill-down views, powered by advanced AI/ML automation, mapping, analytics and cross-domain correlation.   

Part of the cloud-native Ativa suite of applications for Automated Assurance and Operations, Ativa Experience is flexible and future-proof. It seamlessly interoperates with Ativa Net, Ativa App, and Ativa Automated Ops, unlocking advanced use cases like 360° Assurance and Smart CAPEX. Open APIs and SDKs support interoperability with other applications for responsive, flexible use case creation.

Key benefits

Enhance customer experience with holistic, actionable intelligence

Enhance customer experience with holistic, actionable intelligence

Ativa Experience combines and correlates service-specific KQIs and views across voice, video, gaming, social networks and other content categories, customer experience insights and location intelligence spanning subscriber, service, device and network domains. This enables precision customer experience summarization and rapid, automated analysis of problems, root-causes and customer impact from a single pane of glass.

Reduce OPEX and TCO with simplified, automated use cases

Reduce OPEX and TCO with simplified, automated use cases

Combining holistic intelligence with flexible, configurable automated workflows and analytics, Ativa Experience enables the automation of end-to-end customer experience assurance use cases such as troubleshooting and impact assessment. This reduces NOCs/SOCs time and effort and provides broad system functionality from a single application.

Enable targeted, business decision-making with in-depth, content and location-aware customer and device analytics

Enable targeted, business decision-making with in-depth, content and location-aware customer and device analytics

With highly granular intelligence across locations, devices, content and quality of experience; and flexible, filterable dashboards, Ativa Experience enables rapid identification of trends in customer behavior and preferences. This provides insights that support decision-makers to design more targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns, such as customer retention and regional or personalized offers and campaigns.

Addresses IoT assurance with device analytics

Addresses IoT assurance with device analytics

IoT is of the key drivers of 5G adoption for Industry 4.0. We have expanded our solution to provide specific IoT device analytics. This allows decision-makers to address new business opportunities by delivering carrier-grade differentiation in industrial IoT use cases.

Deliver business outcomes with Automated Assurance and Operations

Use cases

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Customer experience analytics and scoring

Comprehensive visualization of individual subscriber content preferences and session data to understand usage and top applications. This supports advanced customer experience index scoring, as well as customer experience driven troubleshooting.

Use case:

Visualize and segment subscribers based on usage or application preferences

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Customer impact analysis per subscriber

Rapidly identify impacted subscribers, segments, and regions impacted by network performance issues.

Use case:

Identification of impacted subscribers, segments and regions

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Support for IoT device analytics

It supports IoT device analytics, including specific IoT metrics for analytics and visualization.

Use case:

Visualize IoT device reliability and performance