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TEMS Sense

Product Overview

Ensure that no subscriber gets left behind. Deploying TEMS Sense wireless network performance monitoring maximizes your lifetime customer value. Your mobile subscribers rely on high quality, uninterrupted services. To maintain first rate service, even during network upgrades, you need to continuously monitor your network performance end-to-end. Staying proactive means staying ahead of potential issues.

With our powerful network testing and measurement software, TEMS Sense, you can implement automated, remote monitoring of service performance from a variety of locations. Using comprehensive active service testing capabilities, TEMS Sense provides you with complete end-to-end service performance visibility so you can avoid potential issues and give your subscribers the quality they deserve.


Key Benefits

Ensure early detection and correction

Ensure early detection and correction

You don’t want your subscribers to discover network and service issues before you do. Early detection and correction are essential. TEMS Sense 24x7 wireless network performance monitoring provides you with early issue detection and root-cause analysis capabilities to quickly correct service impact issues that might occur in your network.

Reduce troubleshooting costs

Reduce troubleshooting costs

When you discover issues, you might need to run additional tests. Sending a technician into the field is often expensive and tedious. With TEMS Sense, you can remotely run in-depth tests scripts or even connect remotely to the probe to perform ad-hoc tests. You can troubleshoot in minutes without ever having to send a technician out to the field.

Embrace agile network evolution

Embrace agile network evolution

Your network needs to evolve with subscriber demands and service consumption. To succeed, your technologies and processes must be more agile. With agility comes faster upgrade cycles and continuous testing. TEMS Sense is a platform designed specifically for 24x7 active service testing, providing early issue detection pertinent to agile processes.

Improve your key customer retention

Improve your key customer retention

Your large enterprise mobility customers are the most profitable ones. They are also the most expensive ones to acquire. Maximizing the lifetime value of these wireless customers is key. By deploying TEMS Sense probes into important customer locations, you can gain valuable insight. Insight that translates into faster troubleshooting, superior service, and customer retention.

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Use Cases & Features

Regression Testing

Regression testing

When making changes to your network or services, you need to make sure all your services perform reliably without any degradation.

With TEMS Sense, you can conduct real-world-scenario regression testing remotely on one or many network test probes before and after new service deployment, upgrading an existing service, or making a network change. This gives you the safety net you need to be agile while ensuring service quality.

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Service QoE monitoring

Early detection of network issues is key. By staying one step ahead, you avoid expensive and impactful customer escalations.

TEMS Sense lets you monitor the end-to-end performance experience (24x7) using your network to detect any issues instantly. Using real-time root-cause analysis and the ability to run ad-hoc in-depth tests, TEMS Sense allows you to quickly discover and fix any service impacting issues.

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Roaming & revenue assurance

Your roaming customers are typically your top tier subscribers and knowing that they get solid experience abroad is vital to your roaming strategy

By placing monitoring TEMS Sense probes in key geographical locations worldwide, you get full visibility of your subscriber’s roaming experience. This information is vital to your roaming partnership strategy and negotiations.

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Enterprise wireless service-level management

Your enterprise mobility services are the most profitable ones. Retaining these top customers depends on their experience with your services.

By installing TEMS Sense probes in locations important to your premium customers, such as corporate offices or venues, you gain real-time 24x7 visibility of your service performance. You can perform remote troubleshooting quickly and efficiently. Once deployed, you can also use the probe to benchmark your service vs. your competitors. TEMS Sense will maximize your lifetime customer value.