Scaling and automating nationwide network planning

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Scaling and automating nationwide network planning

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Product overview

The scale of the network challenge is already significant, and only increasing. Whether it is building-out a nationwide network beyond initial city deployments, understanding how to dynamically share LTE and NR spectrum or maximizing the effectiveness of the latest RF technologies, you need to be able to draw on unparalleled scale and automation.

The cloudification of the NR network will be fundamental to your ability to scale your network while controlling CAPEX, accelerating network roll-out while targeting investments for maximum returns and introducing automated decision-making to optimize costs without sacrificing performance.

Planet Cloud, our cloud-native AI-powered RF planning platform allows you to dynamically scale LTE and NR network predictive modelling to encompass the entire network radio topology, providing automated network planning services within workflows such as nationwide coverage and throughput analyses, as well as networkwide optimizations. 

A cloud-native architecture not only allows you to accelerate the roll-out of your network; it is also a central building block for delivering on the vision of a completely automated network with integrated processes. Cloud-native open APIs provide interoperability for 3rd party applications and services, while an integrated optimization of the end-to-end network lifecycle prevents the creation of silos and adds insights, intelligence and automation. 

Planet Cloud brings elastic scalability and automation to your entire network for design and optimization practices with functions such as automation of Cell Planning. This allows you to quickly create and evaluate rollout and upgrade scenarios, extend the planning process beyond the RF realm to include ROI and performance KPI’s as part of unified workflows producing real-world executable results and move closer to true digital twins.

Planet Cloud adapts the state-of-the-art modelling and AI/ML-powered automated mobile network planning algorithms used and proven in our market leading Planet RF planning software. Now optimized for docker-based performance and scalability and fully native in a Linux environment, the cloud-native architecture of Planet Cloud means it can be easily deployed in any public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

The result is that you can plan and automate network-wide RAN investment decisions to improve radio network design quality, roll out next generation networks faster and, ultimately, improve network CAPEX and OPEX efficiency.

Key benefits

Scale your RF planning nationwide

Scale your RF planning nationwide

Planet Cloud allows you to dynamically scale LTE and NR network models to the size of whole countries. Running in the public, private or hybrid cloud, the cloud-native planning platform brings unparalleled scale and automation to network planning processes including containerized API enabled engines for Propagation Modelling, Antennae Management, LTE/NR Network Analysis, Layer Statistics, Neighbour Planning Management, Interference Matrix Management, Physical Cell ID Planning, and Automatic Cell Planning (ACP).

Unlock automation with cloud-native architecture

Unlock automation with cloud-native architecture

The cloud-native architecture brings unrivalled benefits in the context of automation, enabling microservices to be automatically and dynamically instantiated without any manual intervention, to maximize hardware usage and bring optimal performance to end users. It makes use of stateless services for computation-intensive tasks and puts data management in the hands of 3rd party stateful services that provide state-of-the-art high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. Open APIs can be used to build customized and automated services, as well as to integrate with 3rd party data and applications.

Enable added value use cases, including Smart CAPEX

Enable added value use cases, including Smart CAPEX

Whether you’re planning a greenfield network or optimizing the expansion of your existing network, Planet Cloud helps you make wise RF investment decisions and set priorities that deliver against your key business objectives using our innovative Smart CAPEX solution. Smart CAPEX enables you to intelligently optimize LTE/NR traffic and revenue potential against deployment costs and then invest where it matters most to increase the return on investment from their networks. Smart CAPEX enables a shift in focus in network evolution planning, from network KPIs to business KPIs.

Combine market-leading AI-powered RF planning automation with dynamic scalability of the cloud

Combine market-leading AI-powered RF planning automation with dynamic scalability of the cloud

Leveraging the same advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms as Planet, the world’s first AI-powered planning solution, Planet Cloud enables you to scale your network quickly and dynamically by greatly simplifying the way national networks can be planned. Combining the full power of Planet’s Artificial Intelligence Model (Planet AIM) with the horizontal scalability of the public, private or hybrid cloud, engineers can automate and execute wireless planning tasks much faster, delivering network plans that are 25% more accurate, with a 30% reduction in measurement surveys – meaning savings of 10-20% in CAPEX investment across your entire national network.

Cloud-Native reliability and security

Cloud-native reliability and security

Planet Cloud is truly cloud-native allowing industry best practice support for High availability: Automated failover mechanisms in case of failure (including hardware, disk and network). Disaster Recovery: Recovery mechanisms to respond to major incident. Observability: Ability to understand what is happening inside the system. These are based on cloud-native systems industry approved methods.

Features & use cases

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Networkwide visualization and KPI’s

The value of any simulation-based planning solution is tied to its ability to emulate real-world conditions. Planet Cloud excels at accurately modelling changes to the network configuration prior to implementation so you can benefit from accurate budgeting and efficient planning that results in an optimal return on investment across your entire deployed network.

It leverages horizontal scalability, not only with cell-level predictions but also with networkwide coverage/interference/throughput plots, multilevel statistics from cell to market to national or any combination thereof, benefits from resource autoscaling to scale reliably, and supports any geographical reporting requirement, with time and OPEX reductions.

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Wireless networks are continuously evolving as the operator adapts to the growing customer traffic demand while modernizing, expanding, and optimizing the network. Historically several departments would work independently to arrive at roll out and system optimization/expansion goals. Planet Cloud Smart CAPEX Planning brings the ability to model ROI as part of the strategies to rollout or expand/optimize, allowing for the full picture of investment to performance to be correctly managed at all stages of the network lifecycle.

Planet Cloud’s native ability for integration with systems such as Performance Management and Call Analytics offers unmatched capabilities when it comes to the management of several scenarios concurrently, making it possible for the operator to consider various designs and compare them before selecting the best one, in an automated process.

Planet Cloud Smart CAPEX Planning

Use case specific workflows

The introduction of Planet Cloud enables adaptable Web UI’s specifically tailored to end user workflows, removing the complexity often involved with RF Planning applications. User specific UI and content extend the usefulness of Planet Cloud to other parts of the organization such as direct ROI and forecasting reporting to the CxO or coverage and availability mapping for Customer Support and Marketing teams.

Being cloud-native with true core microservices allows for local customization of user control, UI and datasets presented for each use case or job role.

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Nationwide coverage automated optimization

Planet Cloud supports continuous optimization, site selection process, for new technology deployments (such as NR) across your entire network. Making use of cloud-native elastic horizontal scalability enables nationwide site selection scenarios, particularly in the context of CAPEX optimization.

The cloud-native architecture benefits from resource autoscaling to scale reliably, offering unparalleled scale and automation.

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Regulatory conformance automation

Planet Cloud’s ability to use external data sources allows for such use cases as automatic regulatory requirement checking as part of the cell design process, using boundaries and configurations to automatically optimize cells to avoid any infringements.


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Rakuten Mobile’s new 5G network in Japan is a cloud-native mobile network with the flexibility to fulfil the true promise of 5G, supporting important new functionalities, such as network slicing, offering dedicated connectivity for specific customers and ultra-low latency services and beyond, without compromising on reliability. As such, it is critical that our RF design, planning and operational platforms are built using the same concepts and our work with Infovista has delivered an open solution that will allow us to scale and automate many of the critical capabilities we need to deliver on our vision.

Tareq Amin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) @ Rakuten Mobile

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Infovista’s ability to quickly and accurately model technology based on our requirements was the key for us to be the first to market.

Stevan Filipovic, Head of Technology Leadership @ Ericsson

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Essa Haider, Ooredoo Kuwait

The Infovista Planet solution supports Ooredoo Kuwait across our 5G planning and deployment phase allowing us to reduce time to market along with optimizing our 5G site investment. Our relationship with Infovista spans many years and this expansion is based on the technical strength of the solution and Infovista’s long term vision towards a full network automation lifecycle solution which we strongly support.

Essa Haider, Director Network Planning & Design @ Ooredoo Kuwait