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Citymesh leverages the power of Infovista’ solution to design, plan and optimize private 5G networks

Renata Da Silva
Apr. 9 2024

Citymesh, a trailblazing Belgian tech firm, has been shaping connectivity solutions since 2006, evolving into a key player in private mobile networks. As a licensed holder for 5G spectrum since 2015, Citymesh focuses on delivering wireless coverage for both mobile private networking, serving diverse sectors including industry, logistics, healthcare, public security, and logistics. This case study explores Citymesh's strategic use of Infovista's Planet software for private mobile network planning, drawing insights from an interview with Senne Van Loon, Program Manager of Private 5G Networking.

Planning and optimization to navigate challenges in private network deployments

Deploying private mobile networks requires meticulous planning to meet the specific needs of end customers. Citymesh faces multiple challenges in identifying and implementing use cases that deliver added value to its customer base. With a focus on 5G technology, Citymesh manages a considerable number of deployed private networks, catering to both small and large-scale projects.

Citymesh turned to Infovista's Planet software to address various challenges throughout the network lifecycle. The software's integration with indoor planning, support for diverse technologies from IoT to 5G, and a wide array of propagation models made Planet best suited. Planet's capabilities facilitate the entire network planning process, from initial design to detailed planning, parameterization, and optimization.

Unveiling the power of Planet for private mobile networks

Senne Van Loon highlighted the multi-faceted role of Planet in Citymesh's operations. The software assists in high-level topology planning, offering coverage and capacity simulations Crucially, during the presales and sales phase, Planet becomes indispensable for visualizing private network coverage, creating tangible visualizations for clients. It aids in identifying potential blind spots and allows for recursive refinement of simulations based on field measurements, ensuring the network's optimal performance.

Van Loon emphasized that Citymesh not only uses Planet for private networking but also extends its application to IoT networks, including simulations for Sigfox. Public references such as Brussels Airport, BASF in Antwerp, and Takeda and the Port of Zeebrugge showcase the success of Citymesh's private mobile network solutions.

Citymesh and Planet in action: transformative deployments

Citymesh's commitment to providing innovative private mobile networks is evident in its collaborations with prominent clients like Takeda and the Port of Zeebrugge.

Takeda in Lessines

Takeda, a global biopharmaceutical company, partnered with Citymesh to implement a private 5G network at its manufacturing site in Lessines, Belgium. The primary objective was to ensure a smooth and reliable manufacturing process, supporting the timely delivery of life-transforming treatments to patients.

Citymesh utilized Infovista's Planet to assist in creating a high-level topology plan, conducting coverage and capacity simulations, and identifying potential blind spots in the network. The result was a robust private 5G network that not only provided uninterrupted connectivity for manufacturing operations but also facilitated innovative use cases such as drone-assisted cycle counting in its warehouse and enhanced safety measures.

Senne Van Loon emphasized: 

The private 5G network is designed to improve the working conditions of the manufacturing sites employees by enabling new use cases and providing reliable connectivity.

The Port of Zeebrugge

The Port of Zeebrugge, a key hub for over a century, sought a solution to overcome connectivity challenges within its vast and complex domain. Citymesh, leveraging Infovista's Planet, implemented a private 5G network to address these challenges.

In this case, Planet assisted Citymesh in creating a high-resolution plan, considering factors including extensive geographical coverage and communication requirements for various port activities. Through simulations and optimizations facilitated by Planet, Citymesh successfully delivered a private 5G network that ensured mission-critical communications, connectivity for automated vehicles, and support for emergency services and drones in hard-to-reach locations.

Preparing the next mobile technology wave

Citymesh anticipates a market dynamic where the next generation of mobile technology will witness a clear move toward further densification of networks. As the industry moves towards small cell deployments, accurate planning on high resolutions becomes crucial. Van Loon underlines the importance of reliable geodata, and the challenges associated with treating high-resolution data.

Citymesh and Infovista’s collaboration: realizing the future of connectivity

The collaboration between Citymesh and Infovista, with their choice of the Planet solution is a testament to innovation in private mobile networking. Senne Van Loon's insights underscore Planet's importance to Citymesh — a tool used not just for planning but also for optimizing network ideas and innovation. As industries show growing interest in mobile private networks, Citymesh, leveraging Planet's capabilities, is poised to navigate the challenges and lead in shaping the future of connectivity solutions. The success stories at BASF Antwerp, Brussels Airport, Takeda's manufacturing site, the Port of Zeebrugge and numerous other private deployments intended for logistics operations over academic research underscore the transformative impact of advanced network planning and Citymesh's commitment to delivering seamless and value-driven connectivity solutions that deliver real-world impact.

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