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The evolution of 5G network planning

Streamlining 5G planning with use case-centric workflows built on a cloud-native architecture

The complexity, cost and scale of the 5G network is already a significant challenge, and only increasing. Faced with new templates, parameters and propagation models and the challenge of scaling a nationwide 5G network, RF engineers and RAN planners need to adopt a use case-centric approach that not only alleviates the complexity but also brings consistency, efficiency and accuracy to the network planning process.

This whitepaper explores the challenge of 5G network planning and how a cloud-native planning and optimization approach can simplify, streamline and automate use case-centric workflows that save time and reduce errors for RF Planners through new dedicated, intuitive and efficient user interfaces.

In this whitepaper you will learn how cloud-native use case-centric workflows enable you to:

  • Accelerate your RF design process
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of your 5G network planning across all stakeholders
  • End data silos and add value to your network planning with new use cases
  • Unlock scale and flexibility with cloud-native automation
  • See how tier 1 mobile operators are using cloud-native planning and automation to drive their 5G network deployments

To find out more about our newly introduced use case-centric workflows in Planet Cloud, and how it can streamline 5G network design and reporting for mobile operators’ RF planning teams and senior management, please download the whitepaper.