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Welcome to our comprehensive demo gallery, crafted to provide an immersive experience showcasing how Infovista’s solutions enhance your network management and customer experience.

Explore step-by-step walkthroughs of features, including AI, ML, automation and real-time analytics capabilities, along with concise explanatory videos demonstrating how to use Infovista’s software for specific use cases. Uncover solutions that revolutionize network lifecycle management, delivering unmatched efficiency, reliability, performance optimization, and monetization opportunities. 

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Ativa™ 360º observability for 5G slicing in action
Automated Assurance

B2B Services play a crucial role in 5G monetization with 5G slicing serving as a prime example. However, due to the inherent network complexity CSPs require a renewed and…

Infovista Ativa™ Business Data & Analytics for CSPs – Managing…
Automated Assurance

Get a glimpse of Infovista's Ativa data and business analytics capabilities to ensure guaranteed network quality of experience in high traffic areas such as train…

TEMS™ Pocket – From ground control to air control
Network Testing

TEMS Pocket is a unique device-based testing solution, which can be mounted to a drone to help you collect data in hard to reach places.

Private Network Testing with TEMS™ Pocket
Network Testing

TEMS Pocket captures Private Network and Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) information from a user’s perspective – wherever the user goes. Operate multiple TEMS Pocket…

TEMS™ Pocket – Automatic Pinpointing
Network Testing

The automatic pinpointing, utilizing technology available in most smartphones supported by TEMS Pocket reduces the time to collect measurements with about 50%.

How to test efficiently with advanced forcing features in TEMS™ Pocket
Network Testing

A world-first from TEMS Pocket with the introduction of a wide array of advanced control functions on Samsung’s proprietary baseband chipset.

Configuring work orders in TEMS™ Paragon
Network Testing

Explore in this video tutorial how to efficiently configure network testing work orders with TEMS™ Paragon's revolutionary Goals and Failures Editor

Planning optimization for backhaul networks
Network Planning

To be successful with 5G, ISPs need to precisely plan and design their future transport network to meet new performance paradigms. Our Ellipse solution helps you to plan…

5G use case: Planning accurate 5G in 3D
Network Planning

Infovista’s Planet 3D capability and ACP enable MNOs to cover up to 40% more traffic than planning in 2D. Planet’s accuracy helps MNOs to assess the best capex vs.…