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On-demand Webinar

How to successfully plan Fixed Wireless Access networks with Planet

5G’s increased throughput and capacity means home and small business broadband over mobile is increasing in popularity. The latest Ericsson Mobility Report highlights a significant increase in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) connections, with an anticipated growth from 130 million to 330 million by 2029, constituting 18% of all fixed broadband connections.

Whether you are an existing wireline provider wanting to build a mobile network to offer FWA, or a mobile network provider wanting to add FWA subscribers, accurate planning and modeling of your mobile network is critical to the success of your FWA business.

In this webinar, Gavin Hayhurst, Product Marketing Director at Infovista, and Darren Hart, our network planning expert, will share their perspectives on how you can elevate your customer experience across network planning, testing and assurance. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Strategic insights into FWA planning for both wireline and mobile network providers.
  • Practical use cases to enhance your understanding of FWA network design and modeling, including:
    • Service assessment at a specific address for prospective new FWA subscribers
    • Network design and modeling in a FWA only network
    • Network design and modeling for a network with mobile and FWA traffic
    • And more…
  • A live demonstration of our cutting-edge FWA capabilities and experience first-hand the capabilities of our RF planning and optimization solution, showcasing each of the above use cases in the tool.

Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of FWA with valuable insights, expert guidance, and a live demonstration on how to plan your FWA network in Planet, our RF planning and optimization solution.