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How to use crowdsourcing for network planning

When planning for a network deployment or expansion, operators need to have the best available data on where their subscribers are and how good their connectivity is, and correlate it with their existing infrastructure and deployment opportunities. Crowdsourcing data can give operators a detailed view of existing and prospective subscribers’ behavior, but could they use it to automate network planning?

Watch this online conversation between Monica Paolini, Principal at Senza Fili, and Régis Lerbour, VP Product and R&D, RAN Engineering at Infovista, where they talked about how Infovista uses crowdsourcing data to improve network planning and what benefits this will bring to operators.

These are some of the topics we covered:

  • What data is available through crowdsourcing that is useful for network planning – but not otherwise available to operators?
  • How can we process crowdsourcing data to make it relevant for network planning?
  • How can crowdsourcing data complement network performance and usage data in network planning?
  • Is there any privacy concern with the use of crowdsourcing data from subscriber devices?
  • How can operators use automation and visualization to sort through massive amounts of crowdsourcing data efficiently to guide their network planning?
  • Can you use crowdsourcing for network optimization as well?