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5G Network Solutions

Accelerate your 5G network rollout


The benefits of 5G are clear in terms of network performance, with improved throughput, spectral efficiency, latency and reliability compared to previous generation telecommunication systems. This enables new services and applications and therefore potential revenue streams.

To realize the benefits of 5G, you need to quickly and efficiently rollout your network. Each step of the way is critical, starting with strategic planning right up to network operations. With a higher cell density, a larger number of spectrum options and far more sophisticated antenna systems, 5G offers more options than ever before. To leverage this flexibility, you need to ensure your network planning and testing efforts are reliable and automated with the best 5G network solutions.

Used alone or as part of our suite of network lifecycle automation tools, Infovista offers you a complete solution set for your 5G network rollout, starting with our first-to-market 5G network solutions for planning (Planet 7) and our 5G mapping data, enabling high accuracy even in the millimeter wave.

Your Trusted 5G Partner

Infovista has been actively planning and testing 5G networks around the world since 2018. We have been heavily involved in the 5G networks in North America and elsewhere. Dozens of mobile network operators and vendors have selected Infovista tools to help them better understand 5G, and ultimately solve their challenges adopting it. Learn from our experience.

Working together with major chipset vendors, smartphone producers and RF scanner suppliers we have been able to verify 5G performance from a number of different networks. Hence, our TEMS tools support the latest 5G devices. In addition, through our cooperation with the largest operators and vendors in the world, we have an in-depth understanding of the 5G planning requirements, and Planet has by far the most accurate and extensive 5G planning capability.
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Extensive Device Support
Our broad device portfolio is always up to date and you can read about our latest devices here

Key Benefits

5G Planning

Devise winning 5G launch plans

When launching 5G, you need to plan your rollout from a technical and commercial standpoint. With so many options, you need the right strategy to deliver the best value to your subscribers and to gain market share. Using our 5G network solutions for planning (Planet 7), you can quickly assess various network rollout options from a technical and commercial perspective.

Accelerate 5G Rollout

Accelerate your 5G rollout

Since 5G is going to increase network density, you need to improve the efficiency of your network design activities. Using our 5G network solutions for planning (Planet 7) and its automation capabilities, such as the automated network design tool-set along with accurate mapping data, you can accelerate your rollout and improve your network design quality.

Network Quality of Service QoS

Verify network services performance

Prior to launching your 5G services, you need to verify that your network performs according to design. Using our network testing products (TEMS), you can measure network performance while simultaneously testing network services and application performance, enabling you to launch with confidence.

Network Quality of Experience QoE

Operate with confidence

As your 5G services continue to grow, you need to ensure smooth operation and guarantee a solid customer experience. Using our service assurance and network testing solutions, you can monitor your network performance and application-level QoE end-to-end. You gain the insights to ensure your network services performance and secure a competitive advantage.

Technology Migration

Ensure smooth technology migration

While 5G comes with loads of potential, it also brings some major technology migration challenges. Using our network testing products (TEMS), you can perform multi-technology tests and ensure that all services are performing across your entire network stack.

Roaming User Quality of Experience QoE

New Generation Mapping Data

In order to predict mmWave coverage, it is essential to have maps that not only have high resolution building clutter, but also identify individual trees and their canopy height. Infovista is able to supply such maps, and the tools to tune the propagation models used.

How we help


When it comes to your 5G rollout plans, time is the best way to gain a market advantage. To be efficient, you need a partner who can help you develop winning strategic plans, design a high-performance network, test your built-out network and assure quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) post-launch. A partner who understands that your 5G network isn’t working in isolation, but serves as part of your overall network service offering.

Infovista is that partner. We have a complete and integrated set of software solutions to plan, design, test, optimize, and assure your 5G network. We work with the largest mobile operators and network vendors worldwide, helping them to achieve unprecedented excellence in their 5G rollout.

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