Planet ACP | Automated Cell Planning

Accelerate your network planning and optimization

Automate site placement and cell configuration optimization for the optimal network design

Automated site placement and cell planning

Automate your network planning and optimization

Planet ACP is Planet’s built-in automated network planning toolset. It enables you to determine the optimal network design based on both performance and cost targets. It supports automated site placement use cases for budgetary, greenfield and network expansion designs and automated cell planning use cases for densification, new technology overlay, network consolidation and physical parameter optimization. ROI- enabled workflows support time to market and total cost of ownership metrics.

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Key benefits and features

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Reduce 5G network planning time

Automatic site selection based on network performance and return on investment criteria significantly reduces 5G network planning time.

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Deliver the optimal 5G network design

Sophisticated algorithms determine the minimum number of sites required to meet the desired network performance criteria, minimizing network CAPEX.


Maximize network ROI

Return on investment enabled workflows support metrics such as total cost of ownership and time to market when determining the optimal design.

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Accurately assess roll-out plans

Step-by-step results analysis allows you to assess every stage of your roll-out plan and the performance and coverage that it will deliver.

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Improve your existing network performance

Automated cell parameter optimization optimizes your existing network to maximize coverage and capacity and minimize interference.


Consolidate your shared RAN network

When two networks merge the result is typically double the required number of sites. Planet ACP automatically determines which sites to decommission.

Get your 5G plan right first time

Learn how Planet ACP can help you calculate the optimal number of 5G sites

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