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Geodata Screen

Product Overview

To design 5G wireless network, your RF engineers need geodata created specifically for use in their planning software. Infovista's Geodata enables accurate simulation of the real-world environment for planning and optimizing wireless networks.

Unlike typical geodata suppliers, we create digital maps specifically designed for use within Planet and other telecom RF planning software. Our team understands the precise geodata needed to design networks using mmWave frequencies as well as how to make customer project requirements fit within their budget.

Our Geodata portfolio extends from high-resolution 3D maps for the ultimate accuracy, all the way to lower resolution 2D maps which deliver an excellent performance to cost ratio, ideal for planning beyond urban centers.

Key Benefits

An integrated software-geodata solution

Leverage a complete solution with Planet, Geodata and TEMS

Only Infovista offers you a complete turnkey solution - RF simulation software, geodata and network testing - to cover your entire network planning project. Our broad vision means we support you throughout the process from design and execution to testing and optimization.

Innovative products specialized for RF engineers planning 5G

Innovative products specialized for 5G planning

Infovista is leading the way with geodata designed for 5G rollout. As a result, we offer the most detailed 3D building and vegetation layers tailored for potential frequency bands envisioned for 5G design, including mmWave spectrum.

A substantial archive of ready-to-use geodata around the world

A global archive of ready-to-use geodata around the world

No need to delay your project by weeks or months. With Infovista's wireless network design software and our extensive geodata library you can start tomorrow. And if the data is not available now, our team can build it quickly.

Make your simulation count in the on-air network

Better network models for better real-world performance

Start your project on the right foot with the most detailed geodata to give you the best understanding of your complex environment. 3D buildings – and even 3D trees – at high resolution provide RF engineers with an accurate world model for their simulation.

The right geodata for RF planning needs and budget

The right technology partner for your RF planning project

You need a geodata vendor that understands your unique requirements. As experts in network planning and optimization we have the expertise and experience to help guide your geodata needs to ensure the proper fit and most cost-effective data for your project.

Use Cases & Features

Support for 5G Planning

Support for 5G Planning

Infovista has worked closely with vendors and operators to determine the best types of geodata for 5G frequencies. Our 5G-compatible Skylines 3D building and vegetation models are optimized for use with mmWave frequencies.

City Grid

Unparalleled accuracy

Infovista geodata is produced at specific accuracy thresholds (expressed in RSME) to ensure consistent quality across all delivered data sets.

City Grid

Small-cell Planning

With a variety of geodata types available at multiple resolutions, Infovista provides products appropriate for RF engineering use cases. For small-cell planning below rooftops, Skylines is the preferred Infovista geodata type.

Cell Tower

Support for 3D Propagation Models

Infovista develops the Planet 3D model and supports other partner models (e.g., the Universal model). As the developer and integrator of these models, Infovista is uniquely able to provide digital maps tailored to support 3D predictions used in network densification, small-cell and 5G planning.