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Product overview

Identifying ongoing, or predicting issues that impact customer experience, requires cross-domain visibility of subscriber-facing and resource-facing services. 

Operators use Ativa™ App to cost-efficiently deliver differentiated services and service level agreements (SLAs) at scale, leveraging the full potential of cloudified networks like 5G standalone (5G SA).

Ativa App provides operators with real-time, cross-domain, actionable intelligence into the services delivered across their networks and the underlying functions that support them. It provides at-a-glance visibility of overall service health; intuitive drill-down for root-cause identification; smart impact analysis, correlating alarms and problems with functions and services and powerful cross-domain call and session tracing capabilities.  

Part of the cloud-native Ativa™ suite of applications for Automated Assurance and Operations, Ativa App is flexible and future-proof. It seamlessly interoperates with Ativa Experience, Ativa Net and Ativa Automated Ops, unlocking advanced use cases such as 360° Assurance and Smart CAPEX. Open APIs and SDKs support interoperability with other applications and responsive, flexible use case creation.

Key benefits

Developed for monitoring and troubleshooting across multiple domains by correlating data

Enhance service performance and reliability with cross-domain correlation, automated monitoring and troubleshooting

Ativa App eliminates silo-based assurance, providing correlated, end-to-end, actionable intelligence, from aggregated service health to summary and detailed performance indicators across core, transport, access, user-plane and control-plane traffic. AI/ML-based analytics supports alarm prioritization for rapid response and proactive resolution.

Use case driven approach to reduce complexity and provide fast implementation

Reduce OPEX and TCO with simplified, automated use cases

Combining end-to-end correlated service monitoring, troubleshooting and impact assessment with flexible, configurable automated workflows and analytics, Ativa App enables the automation of end-to-end service operations use cases such as troubleshooting and impact assessment. This reduces NOC/SOC time and effort and provides broad system functionality from a single application.

Deliver network slicing SLA guarantees with comprehensive, correlated insights in fully cloudified networks

Deliver network slicing SLA guarantees with comprehensive, correlated insights in fully cloudified networks

With native support for the service-based architecture of 5G core networks, and seamless network slice traceability across core, transport, radio and edge domains, Ativa App provides real-time visibility of end-to-end network slice performance, including aggregated cross-domain SLA monitoring, cross-domain troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and service impact analysis.

Reduce cost-to-serve with enterprise self-service, customizable templates to rapidly adapt and onboard customers

Reduce cost-to-serve with enterprise self-service, customizable templates to rapidly adapt and onboard customers

Ativa App leverages advanced multi-tenancy capability for secure, tailored self-service portals, enabling enterprise customers to visualize the performance of their connectivity services and conduct initial issue triage, reducing complaints and incremental NOC/SOC workload to serve enterprise customers.

Deliver business outcomes with Automated Assurance and Operations

Use cases

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2G, 3G, 4G and 5G NSA network monitoring - Solution package

This package offers multi-dimensional analysis of 2G/3G/4G and 5G non-standalone (NSA) mobile networks. Customers get visibility into the CS and PS domain with detailed analytics capabilities.

Use case:

Mobile network monitoring for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G NSA networks

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5G SA (standalone) monitoring - Solution package

The 5G SA package enables a detailed analysis of the 5G Edge protocols and interfaces, their performance complemented with 5G core service-based architecture (SBA) quality.

Use case:

5G SA monitoring, reporting and analytics

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User Plane application performance monitoring - Solution package

The User Plane applications package offers multi-dimensional analysis of the User Plane traffic down to the single application.

Use case:

Visibility for application and category performance

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OTT video monitoring - Solution package

This solution package delivers visibility into encrypted video traffic for popular video services. Provides metrics into user experience, audio/video and transport.

Use case:

OTT video traffic monitoring