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Case Study

Transforming troubleshooting and enhancing Customer Experience

Colt’s journey with Infovista

In today's fiercely competitive digital landscape, the mere delivery of services falls short; distinguishing oneself demands a redefinition of service excellence. Explore how Colt Technology Services accomplished this feat through the adoption of Infovista’s Automated Assurance solution.

This collaboration empowered Colt to confront operational challenges head-on, ensuring consistent and seamless experiences for customers spanning Europe, Asia, and North America.

By enhancing their monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, Colt achieved operational simplification, increased agility and improved efficiency. These enhancements translated directly into tangible benefits, demonstrated by expedited issue resolution, elevated customer satisfaction, and strengthened adherence to SLAs.

Preview of Colt use case - Transforming troubleshooting and enhancing customer experience

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