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Alianza powers CSPs with voice over cloud services delivered by Infovista’s Ativa™ platform

Alianza Voice Analytics Portal, powered by Ativa™, enables CSPs to monitor, troubleshoot, and track SLA-driven cloud-based voice services  

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Paris, France – 19th March 2024 – Infovista today announced that Alianza, a leading cloud communications platform for service providers, has deployed its Ativa™ network management and assurance solution to power its Voice Analytics Portal, providing communication service providers (CSPs) with the tools necessary to deliver an exceptional Tier 1 and Tier 2 support experience. The cloud-native Ativa platform, launched internally by Alianza and now extended to its CSP customers, allows for faster issue isolation and in-depth visibility into core network statistics to troubleshoot and streamline technical support to their end customers.  

Alianza’s Voice Analytics Portal, powered by Ativa, gives service providers insight into voice traffic within the Alianza voice network, enabling them to predict quality of service and experience (QoS/QoE) behaviors, while quickly and efficiently diagnosing issues reported by end customers. Voice traffic analytics and dashboards allow service providers’ customer support and operations teams to reduce time-to-issue identification for network anomalies through enhanced visibility and granularity, and then troubleshoot without needing to contact Alianza Support for deeper insights. The portal’s near real-time metrics provide CSPs with voice service insights into VoIP signalling and call metrics for multiple dimensions, including device, location, and network elements.  

Igor Pais, VP Automated Assurance, Infovista, said: “To effectively monetize fixed voice services, CSPs need to be able to meet specific network and service performance criteria with their enterprise customers. However, while these often-stringent SLAs require quick and accurate action by their network operations centre (NOC) teams, today’s legacy tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, and tracking fixed voice service quality constrain CSPs’ efforts to achieve this. Through our successful relationship with Alianza, we have demonstrated how the cloud-native Ativa solution can extend the network’s performance visualization directly to CSPs ‘as-a-service’, empowering them with efficient management of their own customers. This data openness is critical for the success of UCaaS providers like Alianza.”

Dennis Weeks, VP Product Management, Alianza, commented: “Cloud communications is bringing new levels of service and functionality to CSPs and their customers, like cloud meetings, collaboration, and text messaging. However, voice remains the bedrock, and its end-users have zero tolerance for issues that impact their continued connectivity. By enabling CSPs to analyze their traffic with the Alianza voice network, accessed via a cloud-based portal, Infovista’s Ativa platform delivers insights critical to customer support. Analytic insights also deliver a new level of capabilities for CSPs to capture performance trends and continue to enhance with their voice offerings to end customers.”  

The multi-tenancy and flexibility of Ativa enables the delivery of platform-integrated portals for CSPs to track and troubleshoot traffic within the Alianza voice network. The cloud-based Alianza Voice Analytics Portal, powered by Ativa, enables Alianza’s CSP customers to troubleshoot call traffic. Key features for CSPs’ technical leaders and NOC teams include:  

  • Call Searching: Issues that affect individual calls or data transmissions may arise in a complex telecommunications network. Call searching enables CSPs’ network engineers and analysts to quickly locate and analyze correlated SIP messaging associated with a specific call, allowing teams to more accurately identify and resolve problems.  
  • Call Monitoring: CSPs are able to deliver on a more consistent Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer support experience by accessing the same insights into SIP messaging as Alianza’s Support. Email notifications triggered by predefined thresholds, combined with API integrations with CSPs’ existing notification systems, allow operations and support teams to audit everything from completed SIP calls to registration failures, one-sided audio, and errors like calls not connecting, ringing busy, or dropping.  
  • Interactive Dashboards:  Data visualization graphs and metrics enable easy visibility and troubleshooting of voice traffic over a specified time period, providing the right level of visibility to swiftly assess the network health related to call statistics, voice quality, and SIP registrations.
  • Protocol Tracing:  Historical network- and subscriber-base searches, RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) filters, end-to-end call ladder diagrams, and the ability to drill-down to individual PCAPs (packet capture) enable CSPs to identify the root cause of issues with greater precision and efficiency.

The Voice Analytics Portal for CSPs is an extension of Alianza’s own internal use of the Ativa automated assurance suite. Alianza relies on Ativa internally for monitoring and operations of its cloud communications network, including real-time insights, and troubleshooting capabilities. 

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