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The TEMS Suite is our portfolio of solutions that allow you to address every aspect of testing and troubleshooting your network from a subscriber’s perspective, whether it be just 5G or a combination of multiple technologies. If you are looking to verify the performance of new 5G sites, walk test strategic indoor locations, benchmark your network performance against your competitors, or any one of numerous other network testing use cases, TEMS has a solution to meet your needs.

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TEMS Investigation

Perform drive tests to verify, optimize and troubleshoot all your mobile network technologies


TEMS Pocket

Walk test indoor locations and drone test hard-to-reach places


TEMS Paragon

Streamline your mobile network benchmarking campaigns


TEMS Sense

Proactively monitor your wireless network services end-to-end with active testing


TEMS Discovery

Turn your network test data into analytics and actionable insights for optimization


TEMS Cloud

Manage your network test projects with real-time control and analytics

Understand mobile gaming user experience

Find out how to test user experience interactivity for one of the most rapidly growing application areas: cloud gaming over mobile networks

Mobile gaming user experience

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TEMS NLA story – Automate your site acceptances for faster 5G rollouts

The time and skills required for validating new sites are often a significant bottleneck in 5G roll-outs. TEMS Automated SSV, centrally defines testing routines and criteria, identifying what to test, where to test and how to get there. When in location, it automatically conducts the tests, meaning even people with no RF expertise can test for you. This simplified and guided drive testing approach helps you get your 5G network to market faster.

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Highlights and innovations


Precision Drive Testing

Operators can’t afford for their highly qualified RF engineers to be driving around manually testing; it’s time to automate. Our Precision Drive Testing methodology transforms the drive testing process from being engineering driven to AI/ML data driven, from manual to autonomous, and from something only skilled engineers can do to something that can be done by anyone. All of which significantly reduces the cost and time of 5G drive testing.

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User Experience Testing

Infovista’s user experience testing portfolio enables operators to accurately measure subscriber experience for all native and OTT applications and services by combining machine learning algorithms with sophisticated traffic modeling. It includes solutions for native voice services such as VoNR and VoLTE, OTT voice services, OTT video streaming, and interactive services such as e-gaming, remote drone control and video conferencing. 

Using mobile services

Voice Quality Testing with sQLEAR

sQLEAR is our ITU-certified audio quality testing (MOS scoring) algorithm for VoNR, VoLTE and OTT voice quality testing. An innovative machine learning-based approach to measuring and assuring speech quality. It uses a combination of network parameters, codec/client information and reference audio to predict MOS scores with proven high accuracy. sQLEAR scores are comparable between device models and suitable for benchmarking scenarios.


Support for the latest handsets

Through our partnerships with device and chipset manufacturers, we are able to support the latest technologies, features and devices to ensure you can test with the devices your customers are using. The latest release of TEMS includes support for the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Z Flip4, Samsung Z Fold4, OnePlus 10, OnePlus Nord 2/2T, Sony Xperia 1 Mark iV, Xiaomi 12, Asus Snapdragon Insider and over one hundred more.

Award winning solution

Award-winning solutions

For over 25 years, TEMS™ has been recognized as the leading network testing solution by mobile network operators and vendors. This year has seen this validated by the industry with recognition including Light Reading’s Leading Lights award win for the Outstanding Test & Measurement Vendor, Fierce Telecom Awards’ Network Test and Measurement finalist and for the third year in a row, Frost and Sullivan’s Global 5G New Radio Drive Test Solutions Market Leadership Award.

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