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Configuring work orders in TEMS™ Paragon

Goals and Failures Editor

In today's dynamic network testing environment, efficiency is paramount. Network operators face a multitude of challenges, from cutting down testing times and optimizing resource allocation to ensuring seamless service delivery for VIP subscribers.

In this video tutorial, we are excited to introduce TEMS™ Paragon's revolutionary Goals and Failures Editor, designed to bring efficiency to your network testing processes.

Elevate your network management with TEMS™ Paragon

Meet Elias Nyström, our seasoned Network Testing Expert, as he guides you through the steps and features of configuring work orders in TEMS Paragon, including:

  • Streamlined Interface: Explore how TEMS Paragon's intuitive interface simplifies the creation and management of work orders. From node manipulation to seamless zoom and pan functionalities, TEMS Paragon empowers users to navigate with ease.
  • Optimized Workflow: Dive into the heart of TEMS Paragon's Goals and Failures Editor. Learn how to establish conditions for completing work orders and identify potential roadblocks with precision.
Screen capture of how to configure work orders in TEMS Paragon

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