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On-demand Webinar

Leveraging generic testing techniques to validate the user experience for OTT apps

OTT apps deliver a diverse array of services, everything from conversational voice, to video streaming, eGaming and even remote drone control. With subscribers spending much of their time on OTT apps, it is critical that operators validate the user experience their networks can deliver for customers using these apps.

However, complexity, most notably the encrypted nature of many OTT services, makes testing and especially troubleshooting particularly challenging and highlights the need for generic testing techniques.

In this webinar Dr. Irina Cotanis, Technology Expert at Infovista, will present:

  • Why generic testing techniques are required?
  • Which are the types of generic testing techniques and what is their accuracy?
  • Are generic testing techniques recognized and accepted by standards bodies such as ETSI and ITU?

We will also present three different generic testing techniques for testing:

  • Conversational OTT voice
  • Interactive services such as cloud gaming over mobile networks
  • OTT video streaming

Watch this webinar to learn how generic testing techniques can help you overcome the challenges you face with OTT testing.