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Precision Drive Testing™ explained

The complexity of 5G networks – with higher side densities, advanced services, and even more equipment vendors – means traditional, time-consuming drive testing by highly skilled staff no longer meets the need of agile operators who wants to lower costs and shorten the time to market of new technologies. Network testing needs a new data-driven approach. 
In this video we introduce Infovista Precision Drive Testing™, which brings ML/AI-based automation to network testing, significantly reducing the cost and time of 5G site verification, user experience validation and competitor benchmarking.

Precision Drive Testing:

  • Identifies testing sweet spots, limiting testing to where it’s needed
  • Calculates the most efficient route between the sweet spots, minimising time in the field
  • Defines the Definition of Done criteria, avoiding time wasted on unnecessary tests
  • Guides the tester throughout the process, so anyone can do the tests confirms all tests. 
  • Confirms all tests have been successfully completed, preventing time consuming re-drives
  • Uploads the results to TEMS Cloud, allowing experts back at HQ to identify and resolve network problems faster. 

Watch this explainer video to find out how Precision Drive Testing can automate your testing routines, resulting in significant savings for operators with a 26% reduction in drive distance and a massive 49% reduction in drive test time. 


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