5G network testing with TEMS Pocket at indoor stadium arena


TEMS™ Pocket – Portable network testing and troubleshooting solution

Phone-based network testing solution

TEMS™ Pocket is our powerful, yet highly portable phone-based mobile network testing solution with support for 5G devices and scanners. It allows you to verify, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network in environments requiring portability, such as malls, stadiums, offices, and areas with limited accessibility where drone-based testing is the best approach. Its advanced testing capabilities provide actionable insights to improve your subscribers’ mobile experience.

In this datasheet, we explain how TEMS Pocket supports not only the latest devices, scanners and chipsets, but also enables remote control, device monitoring and scripting for automated service testing.

Download this datasheet to learn how to optimize your subscriber experience with our portable network testing and troubleshooting solution.