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Case Study

How a major European MNO uses the TEMS™ Suite to deliver its 5G network

Extended version

In this case study, we look at the real-world example of a European tier 1 mobile operator that has confronted the challenges of rolling out its nationwide 5G network. We share how both the organization as a whole, and specific teams, successfully overcame their challenges using innovative network testing solutions.

Rolling out its nationwide 5G network, this operator recognized that it needed to take an organization-wide view of how it deployed and optimized the network. To successfully meet these challenges, the operator understood that its teams couldn’t operate in silos.

This case study looks in detail at the role played by TEMS solutions across the operator’s organization, including in its:

  • Lab testing team
  • Network deployment team
  • Network optimization team
  • Network quality team
  • Vendor verification team
  • Network maintenance team
  • Sales & marketing team
  • General staff

Download this extended case study of how the operator has implemented next-generation network testing to transform how all its stakeholders could support the central objective of providing and maintaining a 5G network that delivers for both the business and its customers.