Ensuring better IoT communications with TEMS in mines


Deep mining – Ensuring better IoT communications with TEMS

Connectivity in mines is crucial and presents unique challenges, which demand consistent service performance. TEMS Investigation, the leading, active end-to-end testing solution for the verification and optimization of heterogeneous RAN networks, is being used in an innovative project to implement 5G infrastructure in a subterranean mine in the northern part of Sweden.

The new infrastructure offers low latency to support mission-critical communications, enabling the remote control of excavators used to collect ore. This means that operators can be safely located at the surface, while extraction continues below – making the mine safer and using resources more efficiently.

Already, the higher performance offered by 5G is creating new opportunities for IoT innovation – and TEMS Investigation is playing a key role in a demanding environment. It’s an exciting story and proves the adage “if it works in the mine, it works everywhere.”