Managed Services for Network Testing

Complete solution-as-a-service or individual service packages to meet your needs

Managed Services for Network Testing

We provide and manage our end-to-end solutions for network testing of core and radio networks on a project-by-project basis or as an on-going, managed service, either on-premise or as a hosted service. Whichever TEMS tools you require, we can tailor our solution to your needs.

In addition, our managed services are available through OPEX models, or a combination of CAPEX and OPEX delivery, ensuring your budgets are used efficiently to support your business goals.

Our Services


Real-time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard, hosted in the cloud, provides you with immediate insight into the KPIs provided by your chosen TEMS tools. It allows you to monitor the network in near real-time as data is uploaded, access your dashboard via a tablet or web-browser, customize colors and parameter thresholds, and drill-down into log files.


Report Generation

Our managed services team offers a range of reports, from high-level management reports to detailed engineering reports, adapted to suit your needs. These reports can be delivered in a range of formats (charts, maps, Tabular) on a one-off or automated basis, including cleansing of data to ensure valid results. Reports can be customized for benchmarking, monitoring, geographical, trending and exception analysis.


Result Analysis

Our team of experts will provide insight into the data collected from your network to highlight performance and service-related issues, along with detailed analysis of faults and recommendations for troubleshooting and improvement. We can perform an audit of the collected results to ensure compliancy with SLAs and test methodology, over hours or months. Our experts eliminate the need to hire costly external consultants.


Solution/ Report Customization

It’s possible to tailor our solutions to fit your requirements, including customized data extracts that can be seamlessly integrated into other tools and data sources. We can provide bespoke test scripts to test new technologies and services, and customized reports to match your reporting methodology and corporate branding, as well as the automation of daily tasks, such as data cleansing processes and Layer 3 search tools.


Systems Administration and Daily Operations

Our experts will manage your chosen tools on a daily basis, to ensure maximum value for you, as part of our hosted solution. Alternatively, we can manage our solutions located on your premises. We can manage core tasks, such as test scheduling, configuration changes, upgrades, report generation, and system health checks, as well as optimize resources, regardless of the size of your system. Our hosting service saves you money on training costs, as it eliminates the need to train your experts in the use of new products.

Cloud hosting

Hosting of Backend

We can host your administration and reporting backend tools in our cloud environment, providing rapid deployment with no need for server installation, firewall configuration or rack space. All TEMS licenses are included, and you maintain control, with full access to your solutions via encrypted Remote Desktop. Our service also simplifies deployment for backends shared across departments and/or countries.

Use Cases

Logistics and Transportation

Real-time dashboard for a transporation company

We provided a real-time dashboard to a large transport company, along with TEMS Pocket Remote and data collection devices, in order to identify poor coverage locations. Data was collected by in-vehicle devices, while ordinary drivers (with no drive-testing skills) covered their usual routes. We controlled test scripts remotely with log files uploaded automatically. Our customer’s management team could view their data on a browser- or tablet-based dashboard in near-real time. Analysis of poor coverage locations provided as part of the service.

Computer with the papers

Near real-time dashboard for an operator in Africa

We host and manage TEMS Automatic on behalf of a major operator that delivers services across five African markets. The solution generates reports from all of its operations. In addition, the group’s CxO team has access to near real-time dashboards to review group and operating company performance from head office in London.

Network troubleshooting & optimization

IMS service for an operator

We provide 24x7 monitoring of a wireless operator’s IMS-based messaging services (Rich Communications Suite), with all components of the system (backend, SW/HW probes etc.) hosted on our cloud platform. We continue to run and maintain the system on a daily basis, providing custom reports and expert advice for failure analysis.

Regression Testing

Benchmarking for an operator

A major operator has been relying on TEMS to generate its benchmarking reports since 2006. It uses our autonomous data collection tool, TEMS Automatic, with devices located in a parcel delivery van. We host the company’s backend, and provide maintenance of the system, as well as manage daily administration tasks and report generation. The customer has access to a web-based dashboard for viewing reports and log files at any time, and retains control of its SIM cards.