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TEMS Discovery

Product overview

To ensure your network KPIs are exceeded and your subscriber experience gives you a competitive edge, you need to quickly find where and what issues are arising in your network. With the complexity of today’s multi-technology, multi-band networks, you need the tools to accurately and efficiently find the problems and implement the solutions.

TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform for mobile network performance testing, providing you with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by your subscribers at the device, application and network level.

This holistic approach is unique to TEMS Discovery, empowering you to lock-in premium subscribers by ensuring they receive the service levels they demand, around-the-clock, from any location, and across voice, data and integrated media services.


Key benefits

5G Analysis

5G Analysis

Available 5G NR Analysis that provides you in-depth of UE/Scanner cell measurements and NR cell configuration analysis. Ready to address any available 5G NR network issues.

Quickly identify and solve network issues

Quickly identify and solve network issues

Network issues are hard to identify. You need to review massive data sets and analyse the data in multiple ways. Using TEMS Discovery analytics dashboards, reports and RF diagnostic tools, you can uncover issues affecting your subscribers. You get to the root cause quickly to fix the issues. The result is a better subscriber experience and improved efficiency for your network quality teams.

Part of a complete network test environment

Part of a complete network test environment

TEMS Discovery works with your favourite TEMS network testing solutions, such as TEMS Investigation, as well as network test solutions from other vendors. TEMS Discovery is fully integrated with TEMS Director, enabling the generation of near real-time reports based on data collected in the field using multiple test probes as well as deep-dive analysis of data collected, enabling you to put in motion a truly efficient back office data analysis team.

Enable deep-dive into network test data

Enable deep-dive into network test data

When it comes to mobile network performance testing, you need to look at the network, the services and the applications to have a holistic view of how the network behaves and how it’s impacting the experience of your subscribers. TEMS Discovery allows you to drill down into any of the data collected during the network tests, at the device, application or network level. This provides your engineering team with in-depth analysis tools to troubleshoot the most difficult network problems.

Efficiently manage large network test data sets

Efficiently manage large network test data sets

Your network is becoming increasingly large and complex, but your team isn’t growing. Removing inefficiency in your processes is crucial. With TEMS Discovery, you can automate data processing functions, from the file import to script execution, categorization of problem sets, to the generation and sharing of reports. When integrated with TEMS Director, you have a real-time data analysis platform that lets you do more with less effort.

Multi layered data drill down for effective drone testing analysis

Use cases & features

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Automate report generation

When you have a network testing project and a team in the field, efficiency is essential. Early detection of network or test issues reduces your costs and ensures solid results.

TEMS Discovery offers you a complete set of automation capabilities, enabling you to reduce the level of effort associated with data processing, issue detection, and report generation and sharing. It works with the entire TEMS Portfolio as well as third party test tools. It works seamlessly with TEMS Director for real-time processing and reporting.

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Compare network performance

Network test results often need to be compared with other tests in order to understand trends in your own network or how competitive your network actually is.

TEMS Discovery offers a full range of network test comparison features, including temporal, statistical and spatial (mapping) analysis and displays. This solution fully supports indoor and outdoor tests, including indoor results mapping.

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Troubleshoot performance issues

Your subscribers demand that your network constantly evolves. As a result, issues will unquestionably arise in your network. You need to quickly identify and fix those issues before they degrade your subscribers’ quality of experience.

With TEMS Discovery, you can automatically identify cells with network issues, evaluate the impact on services and applications, and determine if the subscribers are truly affected by these issues. Using our diagnostic tools, you can quickly identify the causes of those issues and what could remedy the situation. TEMS Discovery makes it possible to leverage your network tests to deliver better network performance.