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Mobile gaming user experience

Understanding the network impact on interactivity for cloud gaming over mobile

5G is enabling a multitude of new resource intensive and latency sensitive OTT applications and interactive services: services involving augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/ VR), cloud gaming over mobile, real-time multimedia, etc.

It is now crucial for operators to be able to assess their networks against the high bandwidths and extremely low latencies demanded by these kinds of services.

This has given rise to the need for network testing tools to be able to evaluate and score the user’s experienced interactivity or UxIntActQS (User Experience Interactivity Quality Score) from the network perspective.

A meaningful UxIntActQS model though requires an in-depth understanding of how user experience (Ux) interactivity is impacted by network conditions.

In this whitepaper, Infovista discusses the lessons learnt from UX interactivity testing for one of the most rapidly growing application areas: cloud gaming over mobile networks.

The document presents key findings which need to be considered for optimization of mobile access to support cloud gaming along with other services.