Ativa™ Suite | Automated Assurance and Operations

Next-generation automated assurance for 360° visibility

Increase efficiency, productivity and monetization

Assure fixed, mobile and cloudified networks

Take control over your network with Ativa for next-generation Automated Assurance & Operations

Infovista Ativa™ is a suite of cloud-native modules for the automated assurance of fixed, mobile, legacy and advanced cloudified networks. The modules, which you can deploy independently or in combination, correlate experience, service quality and resource performance to deliver end-to-end automated assurance through a single pane of glass. It improves the efficiency of your network and service management processes by providing 360° actionable intelligence across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure.

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Ativa App

Enhance cross-domain visibility of subscriber-facing services across all network technologies


Ativa Net

Gain cross-domain visibility of network resources and infrastructure performance


Ativa Experience

Get full cross-domain visibility of perceived subscriber experience, including deep packet analysis


Ativa Automated Ops

Benefit from zero-touch configuration with AI/ML-driven predictive analytics and workflow automation

360° Assurance solutions

End-to-end monitoring across domains and layers for root-cause and customer impact analysis

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Ativa Suite powered by Infovista Cloud Platform™

Ativa Suite is powered by an integrated, automated, open, and interoperable platform that is cloud-native by design, delivering unmatched scalability for assurance in advanced cloudified networks. Open APIs allow the integration with 3rd party ecosystems, correlation and analysis of multi-source data to break down traditional silos and bring actionable insights into your operations and business decisions. ML/AI and automation engines help you streamline your operations at lower costs.


360° Assurance for complete visibility

The level of assurance and automation CSPs require in dynamic and complex networks like 5G is heavily dependent on the level of visibility they have. 360° Assurance solutions allow you to monitor in a correlated way your customer experience, service and underlying network performance down to infrastructure resources. Covering RAN, fixed access, transport, and core, it provides true and complete horizontal and vertical visibility to assure, troubleshoot and resolve.

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