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How to successfully test the user experience of OTT video streaming on mobile networks

The video streaming market is expected to continue to achieve over 18% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2030. The ability of a mobile network to deliver a seamless user experience for OTT video streaming will therefore become even more critical to operator success than it is today.

However, a lack of transparency due mainly to encryption makes it difficult to develop and deploy testing solutions which require access to the video stream to determine user-perceived quality metrics.

With extensive experience in on-device testing, OTT voice and video QoE testing, and a highly qualified understanding of operators’ network performance and concerns, Infovista has developed a pragmatic video quality testing solution for OTT video streaming.

In this whitepaper we will discuss:

  • The metrics to consider for testing the user perception of OTT video streaming quality
  • The recommendations from ETSI and the ITU on OTT video streaming testing.
  • The challenges of implementing the ETSI and ITU recommendations for on-device testing scenarios and how to overcome them
  • Infovista’s generic framework approach for testing of OTT video streaming applications and how it delivers successful on-device testing
  • Infovista’s Video Streaming Quality Index (VSQI), a single metric which provides a video streaming quality index expressed in QoE terms (MOS) and is suitable for any on-device OTT video streaming application
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Download the whitepaper today to learn how you can successfully and cost-effectively validate the user experience of OTT video streaming services on your network.