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Initial 5G NR Drive Testing with Infovista

5G NR test equipment will need to do several new things.

  • Evaluate the performance quality provided to customers (e.g. data rates, latency, connectivity density)
  • Be able to troubleshoot and optimize 5G NR specific features (e.g. mmWave spectrum, mMIMO/3D beamforming, flexible numerology, EN-DC, DSS)
  • Be tuned for both eMBB services and IoT verticals (e.g. IIoT, connected car)

Also, any solution will need to support automated data collection and real-time analysis and incorporate predictive measurements and ML-based analytics.

Find out how the TEMS portfolio tackles this in Infovista’s whitepaper: “Initial 5G NR Drive Testing with Infovista”. 

What’s inside: 

  1. What is the role of devices when evaluating the impact of 5G main disruptions? 
  2. How does 5G NR network testing differ from LTE?
  3. Why is drive testing still needed for 5G NR testing and what must change?
  4. How does the TEMS portfolio meet the main requirements for 5G NR drive testing?
  5. Which TEMS solutions have been used for the initial test scenarios and use cases?