White Paper

A New Approach for Testing Voice Quality


Your mobile networks require flexible, real-time, automated QoE-centric service evaluation, troubleshooting and optimization. The volume of your 4G subscribers is growing dramatically together with the range of 4G services you are delivering. And 5G will bring significantly increased network complexity, an even larger variety of devices and more service diversity.

Download our white paper to discover how you can easily adopt a new approach for voice quality testing with sQLEAR, Infovista's new machine learning-based voice quality predictor. 

sQLEAR will enable you to adapt faster to new environments – such as new codec/clients and network parameters – and better focus on network rather than on device specific performance to: 

  • Accurately evaluate quality trends and predict future QoE delivery
  • Increase the performance and quality of your VoLTE services
  • Protect your existing voice revenue against OTT alternatives
  • Understand the performance and quality of your VoNR services