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Testing 5G's Mettle

5G is coming – fixed wireless this year and mobile 5G next. This paper focuses on testing 5G networks – not the trials many operators are conducting around the world – but the day-to-day testing of the network to ensure that it delivers as effectively on day one as on day five hundred and one.

Infovista has developed focused testing solutions for 5G NR testing. For example, TEMS tools provide beam-related information elements and measurement events that can help device/chip and infrastructure vendors and mobile operators optimize and maximize the capacity and coverage benefits of beam-centric RANs. And with respect to mobile 5G, TEMS tools run multiple tests that can be used to help optimize beam mobility and reselection – in addition to testing and monitoring many other metrics.

This paper is geared toward those who want a concise explanation of what 5G NR is and where it is headed and want to be prepared to keep those networks tested, tuned and delivering a cost-effective, quality 5G experience to end users.

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