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On-demand Webinar

Testing 5G Networks: Differences, Challenges and Opportunities

As the world’s largest mobile operators race toward 5G, attention is now turning to how the new networks will be tested and optimized. 5G networks differ significantly from 4G LTE, with a wide variety of new testing requirements and increased complexity to optimize them.

The ultimate success of an MNO’s 5G launch and subsequent commercial services depends on the ability to test all of the network capabilities, identify problems and issues, and determine the correction.

This webinar will examine:

  • Major MNOs’ current strategies for deploying 5G
  • The major 5G applications and services including mobile broadband, low latency and massive IoT solutions
  • How MNOs will test 5G – what will be required? What are the special challenges with 5G compared to LTE?
  • How will the MNOs optimize 5G networks? Specifically, how will beam forming, massive MIMO and associated technologies be tuned?
  • What are the needs and challenges of device based 5G testing?
  • The early 5G NR test use cases
  • How Infovista can help ongoing trials and first deployments
  • An example of an Infovista test use case