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On-demand Webinar

The evolution of test and measurement in the move to disaggregated, cloud-native 5G networks

The shift to cloud-native and disaggregated networks has enormous implications for testing, validating and verification. Operators wanted a software-centric environment for agility. 

Watch this editorial webinar and hear from the industry experts gathered by RCR Wireless News to learn more about:

  • How visibility and granularity changes in cloud-based networks
  • The role of AI/ML in upscaling and downscaling
  • Is more complexity inevitable, or can testing in software-centric networks be simplified?
  • Testing and assuring multi-cloud networks

Integration and management of new releases in a multi-vendor environment is a huge challenge, and software skills are in high demand.

In this webinar, Kelly Hill, Managing Editor, RCR Wireless News, examines together with industry experts like Régis Lerbour, VP Product Network Testing & RAN at Infovista, the evolution of network testing in a cloud-native world.