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Case Study

How a leading European operator is maximizing the value from its portfolio of TEMS™ solutions

Are you struggling with your 5G rollout? In this case study, we look at the real-world example of a  tier 1 mobile operator that has confronted the challenges of rolling out its nationwide 5G network using innovative network testing solutions.

Rolling out its nationwide 5G network, this operator recognized that it needed to take an organization-wide view of how it deployed and optimized the network. Fundamentally, this boiled down to four core network testing challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • How could they validate new 5G site and cluster performance before activation, so they could be confident that the network would deliver from day 1?
  • How could they know how their 5G network compared to those of their competitors, so that they could improve the areas where they were weaker and communicate their competitive edge based on real-world insight and evidence?
  • How could they not only identify, but also troubleshoot and resolve, network issues so the customer experience didn’t suffer and lead to increased subscriber churn?
  • With all of this done, how could they get a true measure of the customer experience so they could be confident that the network is delivering on their 5G promise?


Download the case study to learn more about how, by working with Infovista and deploying its full portfolio of network testing solutions, this operator has not only quickly and efficiently deployed its new 5G network but has done so with the confidence that it is delivering against the objectives of the business and the expectations of its customers.

Would you like to learn more about the latest network testing use cases for rolling out 5G? 

Access our ebook, "Evolving Network Testing: An eBook of 12 Use Cases", which includes additional examples of how others are performing 5G site verification, user experience testing, private network assurance and more. These use cases will provide further references to help you achieve your 5G expectations.