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umlaut provides mobile network benchmarking services using Infovista’s TEMS portfolio

A conversation with executives at umlaut and Infovista

A conversation with executives at umlaut and Infovista

At Infovista, we are proud to partner with umlaut Communications (now part of Accenture), the leading international consulting, engineering and testing services company for the telecommunications sector.

Through umlaut’s exclusive use of Infovista’s TEMS portfolio of solutions for testing, benchmarking, and optimizing network service performance and subscriber experience, they are able to efficiently and cost-effectively help mobile operators enhance and evolve their networks to address the growing demand for more data and more connections as the industry matures into 5G. 

"This year, umlaut has selected Infovista TEMS Paragon as its primary network benchmarking solution used to generate the industry standard umlaut score for network testing. Through this cooperation, network operators gain the insight and support they need to improve quality of service. With this agreement, TEMS Paragon will become an essential element in generating the industry standard ‘umlaut score’ based on its proprietary measurement methodology used worldwide in network testing.

The use of TEMS Paragon will also help umlaut achieve significant efficiency improvements through consolidation of disparate tools and simplification in areas such as tool deployment, application development, project management, and software updates".