Wireless skyline connection with energy light infographic


Ativa™ 360º observability for 5G slicing in action

B2B Services play a crucial role in 5G monetization with 5G slicing serving as a prime example. However, due to the inherent network complexity CSPs require a renewed and comprehensive assurance approach to ensure seamless connectivity across multiple slices for various applications.  

In this demonstration, see how Ativa’s 360º Assurance solution for 5G slicing empowers operators to proactively monitor the health of their slices across their network

Across its multiple dashboards for business and operational teams, as well as service portals for CSPS enterprise customers, see how you can: 

  • Get a global overview of all slices 
  • Focus on specific enterprise customers 
  • Monitor slices' health and troubleshoot issues 
  • Identify performance violations per domain, RAN, transport and core 

And much more!

Ativa™ product dashboard of E2E slice path

With Ativa, get started to unify your assurance, take control of your SLAs and monetize your 5G services