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BT-Infovista partnership leverages automation for superior customer experience

Renata Da Silva
Jan. 25 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the partnership between BT and Infovista has stood the test of time, over a decade of collaboration that continues to shape the future of voice quality for BT's customers. What started as a venture around monitoring and assurance of fixed voice networks has now evolved into a cutting-edge approach, placing automation at the forefront to dramatically reduce resolution times and enhance overall customer experience.

Partnering for progress... and customer experience

In an insightful conversation with experts from BT, Gina Baikenycz, Network Specialist, and Mark Gibney, Senior Manager Mobile OSS Strategy the depth of the relationship between the British operator and Infovista came to light.

Mark Gibney emphasized Infovista's profound domain knowledge and how their roadmaps seamlessly align with the technological landscape that BT envisions. This collaboration goes beyond the conventional supplier-client relationship, with Infovista becoming an integral extension of BT's own teams. The ongoing deployment of the latest Ativa™ Suite serves as a testament to the harmonious integration of Infovista's advanced capabilities into the intricate fabric of BT's network models.

The conversation didn't just revolve around technological integration but also delved into the challenges faced by BT in its pursuit of excellence. At the forefront of these challenges is the unwavering commitment to customer experience. Streamlining operations and enhancing troubleshooting capabilities emerged as imperative steps, prompting BT to actively explore the realms of automation.

Unlocking the power of automation to slash Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Recognizing the potential benefits that automation could bring, BT swiftly identified its significance within the Ativa solution. More than just streamlining operations, automation promised faster service issue resolution, a critical factor in enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

The focus on efficiency and consistency became a priority. By automating manual and repetitive tasks, Ativa not only reduces the time spent but also ensures that troubleshooting processes are consistently and accurately executed, mitigating the risk of errors in the first place. This is particularly vital in the context of modern, complex networks, where accuracy is paramount.  

Automation goes beyond mere operational efficiency; it empowers BT to achieve faster issue resolution by quickly detecting and diagnosing problems, often before they become noticeable to customers. The result is a substantial reduction in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), a metric crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, the operational productivity and resource optimization achieved through automation are key strategic advantages.

By reducing the need for extensive human involvement in routine tasks, operational costs are optimized , and the impact of human error is mitigated. Skilled personnel can then redirect their focus towards more complex issues and strategic initiatives, maximizing the utilization of their expertise.

With these significant benefits in mind, BT leveraged Ativa's fixed voice assurance solution to set up an automated troubleshooting workflow. This workflow, triggered upon anomaly detection, demonstrated a potential 60-80% improvement in Mean Time to Understand (MTTU), a metric crucial for swift issue comprehension and resolution and where currently engineering teams spend majority of their time.

BT troubleshooting workflow with Ativa assurance solution

Keep pioneering voice quality solutions with automation  

The anticipated outcomes from achieving automated customer and service troubleshooting are indeed impressive. From automating anomaly detection to reducing the Mean Time to Understand, the objective is clear – proactively identify and resolve issues before customers are impacted. This proactive approach aligns seamlessly with BT's commitment to making customer experience its top priority.

Looking ahead, BT’s plan is to expand Ativa's capabilities further into its voice network, with a keen eye on continuous enhancements. The intention is clear – to enable the workflow to identify customer impact for each anomaly, thereby facilitating prioritized resolutions based on business value. This strategic move not only ensures efficient issue resolution but also aligns with the broader goal of delivering value to customers.

The BT-Infovista partnership stands on the brink of revolutionizing voice quality through advanced automation. And not only for Fixed voice users. Recently, BT and Infovista regrouped with AWS to work on a TM Forum’s catalysts project that aims to demonstrate the importance of having 360º observability and intelligence over mobile services such as VoLTE/VoNR and 5G slicing as an enabler to business-driven network management.

Whether we consider fixed and/or mobile networks, our journey with BT continues with an unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration, ensuring that BT’s customer satisfaction remains at the forefront.

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