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How BT is reducing resolution times by up to 80% through Automated Troubleshooting

Discover how BT is harnessing the automation capabilities of Infovista’s Ativa™ Suite to achieve 60-80% faster troubleshooting. 

This proof of concept, aimed at introducing a new automation use case for detection, Root-Cause Analysis (RCA), and trouble-ticketing notification, was presented alongside BT at Digital Transformation World 2023 (DTW23), demonstrating how CSPs such as BT can realize substantial operational efficiencies with Ativa. 

In this video, hear from Marc Gibney, Senior Manager, Mobile OSS Strategy, and Gina Baykenycz, Network Specialist in Convergence, from BT Group, about how they have leveraged Ativa’s automation capabilities to expedite resolution times, minimize service disruption and enhance the overall customer experience: 

00:00 - Introduction 
00:35 - Infovista and BT’s relationship overview 
01:42 - BT’s challenges prior collaborating with Infovista 
02:00 - Why does Automation matter 
03:38 - Outcomes from utilizing Ativa™ Suite for automated troubleshooting 
04:32 - How does BT expect to use Ativa™ 
04:56 - Illustration of BT’s automated workflow from detection to notification 
06:03 - Proof of concept outcomes 
06:15 - BT’s next steps