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Ready for anything? How 360⁰ customer experience assurance will help to increase RoI

What services is your network going to offer in the 5G era? How can you guarantee the SLAs and KPIs that come with those services? And, more precisely, with new 5G services such as network slicing, are you confident customers feel they are getting what they’ve paid for? 

One way to be ready for the multi-service future is real-time holistic customer experience assurance. Service assurance can boost your confidence in your network – and your users’ confidence in your services. But is service assurance, as we know it, ready for the explosion in offerings that comes with network virtualization, not to mention DevOps service creation and delivery; advanced cloudified 5G network rollouts; open source; and standardization?  
If you mean business – and if you want to make money – customer experience assurance matters. New customer experience driven solutions are needed to deliver proactive service management and pre-emptive troubleshooting for rapid monetization of specific service categories.

In this whitepaper, we look at the new and varied demands being placed on CSPs looking to substantiate market differentiation with the label ‘carrier-grade’. We look at why traditional silos need breaking down and how CSPs need to take a 360° view of their entire network.

360° Assurance delivers predictive, real-time and ubiquitous customer experience assurance across your entire network, all in a single application – enabling you to anticipate and remedy network, device, subscriber and service issues before they impact end-user experience.