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Assuring advanced cloudified networks – why an integrated approach to automated assurance and operations is essential

Cloud network technologies that support modern fixed, mobile and fixed-mobile converged service operations such as 5G and have created opportunities to monetize differentiated services and SLAs. Virtualized, programmable, distributed networks enable this by making service creation and delivery akin to a software development and configuration activity. 

But today’s siloed assurance tools are holding operators back from realizing the benefits of cloud network technology adoption. Manually intensive, ‘swivel-chair’ operations, coupled with hugely more complex and configurable networks, locks operators out of lucrative revenue streams. Greater network configurability simply translates into more ways in which things can go wrong. 

Solving this problem requires ubiquitous, real-time, cross-domain visibility; openness and interoperability; and proactive, intelligent automation. 

This is what is at the heart of Infovista Ativa™, our new suite of cloud-native applications for Automated Assurance and Operations of cloudified mobile, fixed, IP and wireless networks. 

This whitepaper explores how an integrated approach to automated assurance and operations will: 

  • Address the unique challenges of programmable cloudified networks 
  • Automate within and between silos to deliver 360° visibility and automation across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure 
  • Enable a wide range of use case-based solutions – such as customer experience and device analytics, network segment performance management, IoT assurance, Smart CAPEX allocation, and predictive SLA management 

To find out more about our new Ativa suite, and why an integrated approach to automated assurance and operations is essential, please download the whitepaper.