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360° intelligence and operations across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure

Ativa Suite

Advanced cloudified networks are complex and dynamic, making effective network and service management impossible without a 360° view across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure.

Infovista Ativa™ is a suite of cloud-native applications for the automated assurance of these advanced cloudified networks. The applications, which can be deployed independently or in combination, correlate experience, service quality and resource performance to deliver end-to-end automated assurance through a single pane of glass.

Key benefits

Active assurance

Active assurance

Ativa combines active testing as part of the assurance lifecycle for detailed investigation and continuous predictive improvement. This lays the foundations for CSPs to cost-effectively and seamlessly expand to NLA solutions that extend beyond operations, such as Smart CAPEX for ROI-optimized planning decision-making enriched by live operational intelligence.

Openness for use case extension and Network DevOps

Openness for use case extension and Network DevOps

Ativa automates network service acceptance and assurance activation. Its open platform utilizes industry standard Open APIs and SDKs to allow customers and other vendors to leverage the native components and to build their own new use cases and applications. Customers can easily integrate results, functions, and data with other systems and data-lakes.



Ativa is deployable on private, public and hybrid clouds, virtualized datacenters and bare metal. Powered by the Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) Cloud Platform, Infovista Ativa™ provides the building blocks for automating processes and tasks that span traditionally siloed systems, not only within operations but across every phase of the network lifecycle.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Ativa’s enables CSPs to leverage Digital Twins across across digital experiences, apps, services, networks and infrastructure. Ativa supplement the Digital Twin with full ‘subscriber to infrastructure’ domain insight, including telemetry, packets, performance, fault, trace and 3rd party data.

Geospatial visualization

Geospatial visualization

Ativa provides real-time and predictive geospatial visualization to enable proactive call-out prioritization and business-driven network investment and configuration.

Cloud-native Automated Assurance and Operations

Use cases

360 Assurance application

360° Assurance solutions

Ativa powers our 360° Assurance set of solutions to deliver predictive, real-time and ubiquitous customer experience assurance across your entire network. It delivers automated cross-domain assurance for services like SLA-backed 5G slices, overlay services, video and voice. The 360° Assurance solutions accelerate the monetization of differentiated Quality of Experience (QoE) and new business services, breaking down traditional silos to anticipate and prevent problems that impact the end user.

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Ativa - Geolocated troubleshooting solution

Cross-domain, end-to-end geolocated troubleshooting solutions

Ativa supports cross-domain, end-to-end geolocated troubleshooting solutions with algorithms and correlation models that identify root-causes spanning radio, transport and core. From the identification of ongoing, or predicted, issues impacting customer experience to the underlying root-cause, Ativa gives you complete control and confidence in your network and services, troubleshooting network resource faults, service configuration issues, network congestion, user device compatibility and others.

Ativa - Advanced operational analytics solutions

Advanced operational analytics solutions

Ativa provides holistic, correlated intelligence to support proactive, customer-driven network and service operations, network expansion planning, sales and marketing activities. Its real-time network fault analytics and prioritization, combined with automated and predictive correlation of events, supports the identification and troubleshooting of customer-impacting events.