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On-demand Webinar

Monetizing 5G and B2B Services

Discover the key assurance ingredients

As operators seek to strategically diversify their revenue sources, a primary focus today is on serving enterprises and capitalizing on the monetization potential of cutting-edge services and technologies such as IoT, 5G slicing and private networks.

Join Minerve Mampaka, our automated assurance expert, for an insightful webinar tailored for operators navigating the B2B landscape. Over the course of just 30-minutes, we’ll delve into the key requirements for next-gen assurance, covering strategies for fast service deployment, SLA control at scale and exceptional customer experience.

In this webinar we will address pressing questions including:

  • How to ensure the network is ready to introduce new services with associated SLAs and enable fast service deployment and acceptance?
  • What data intelligence is necessary for end-to-end SLA observability across network domains and dimensions, as well as for troubleshooting and automating operations?  
  • What enterprise reporting is required to show compliance with contracted quality, and how can effective B2B service differentiation and data monetization be achieved?

To provide a comprehensive understanding, we will also showcase innovative enterprise-tailored use cases during the session.