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SmarTone partners with Infovista to elevate customer experience

Hong Kong's leading telecommunications provider employs Ativa™ automated assurance solution to deliver premium voice, data, OTT, and 5G FWA services

Paris, France – Thursday February 8th, 2024SmarTone, the Consumers’ No.1 Best Preferred 5G Network in Hong Kong*, has successfully transformed its customer experience and network performance by implementing Ativa™, Infovista's cutting-edge automated assurance solution, across its 3G, 4G, 5G and IMS network.

SmarTone, committed to delivering consistent and exceptional experiences to its customers, sought an innovative assurance solution to optimize service and customer monitoring, enhance troubleshooting capabilities, and elevate overall customer satisfaction. Following an exhaustive selection process, SmarTone chose Infovista's passive probing solution, Ativa, for its comprehensive assurance capabilities and future-proof technology, highlighted by its cloud-native, virtualized and open architecture.

The mission at SmarTone is to deliver unparalleled services to their customers. To achieve this, they required a solution that not only empowers them to elevate the quality of service and overall customer experience but also drives their daily operations with a customer-centric approach. Ativa provides them the data intelligence necessary to optimize and scale their business.

The Ativa solution by Infovista has equipped SmarTone with enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, offering valuable insights into voice and data, including intelligence on OTT applications delivered over mobile and 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) broadband. Its flexibility has facilitated the delivery of customized solutions aligned with SmarTone's specific requirements, while its support for Open APIs has enabled seamless integrations with third-party systems, ensuring a smooth export of data and analytics. 

Infovista's solution has transformed SmarTone’s troubleshooting, enhancing their service and customer experience. The implementation of Ativa Solution has indeed resulted in tangible benefits for SmarTone. The solution has been instrumental in reducing Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR), minimizing trouble tickets, and significantly improving overall Customer Experience (CX), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer retention rates. Moreover, it has optimized team efficiency by reducing time and effort spent on operational processes.

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*  “Consumers’ No.1 Best Preferred 5G Network” is based on results obtained from study conducted by market research company NuanceTree, as commissioned by SmarTone. 3,942 post-paid SIM card users were interviewed via online survey and street interviews between January and December 2022.


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