Converting complex data into actionable insights with Ativa

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Enable guaranteed Quality of Experience with Ativa™ Business Analytics

In today’s competitive landscape, mobile network operators grapple with critical challenges. High-traffic areas strain resources, VIP subscribers demand flawless service, and each cell's performance is crucial for overall profitability. Managing these complexities effectively is the key to staying ahead of competition.

Ativa Business Analytics deliver an innovative approach to addressing these industry challenges. It provides tailored insights for your daily operations and business decisions, such as:

  • Real-time insights into the quality of experience (QoE) in high-traffic areas, revealing underperforming cells and their impact on services and subscribers.
  • Intelligible impact analysis considering business factors such as subscriber status (e.g., VIP, High-ARPU), cell revenue, and other business metrics.
  • Advanced subscriber analytics spanning various dimensions including network, service, application and device, unveiling underlying issues and areas for improvement

By converting complex data into actionable insights, Ativa Business Analytics optimizes network operations, enhancing efficiency, customer experience and profitability. Discover how Ativa Suite Business Analytics can be a strategic part of your network management.

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