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Customer experience assurance for cloud communications providers

Infovista KLERITY™

Assuring market-leading communications services for enterprise customers takes real-time, actionable customer experience intelligence and automation. Infovista’s customer experience assurance solutions for cloud communications providers leverage Infovista’s extensive telecom experience and a fully cloud-native architecture to provide a powerful and flexible product perfectly suited to meet today’s hosted service providers’ most pressing business challenges including, but not limited to the following matters - competitive and margin pressures, enterprise customers demanding increasingly detailed information and regulators leveraging the capabilities of VoIP network.

A new set of customer experience assurance requirements has emerged to reflect the increased importance of reliable, high-performance fixed connectivity services running over virtualized networks. These include:

  • The ability to efficiently maintain visibility of traffic encrypted with protocols such as TLS 1.3;
  • Assurance of the delivery of SLA commitments to enterprise customers;
  • Accurate and comprehensive monitoring of complex service offerings like hosted contact centers and unified communications
  • Support for customer self-service portals for visibility and initial triage of performance degradations or faults

Learn how our customer experience assurance products and solutions provide a new, simpler approach to assuring cloud communications services that grows and evolves with your business.