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360° Assurance, powered by Network Lifecycle Automation

As CSPs move their networks into the cloud, they not only create significant potential cost savings, in large part through the automation of what would previously have been manually intensive network operations tasks; they also create new opportunities to build and rapidly scale out new revenue streams. But they also find themselves faced with a significantly more complex network and service management challenge. 

To benefit from both the cost and revenue opportunities of modern networking technologies today, CSPs must, at a minimum, be able to automate, in real-time, the operation of the network to optimize the extent to which they deliver superior QoE for consumers, and SLA guarantees for enterprises while maximizing profitability.

360° Assurance solutions gives CSPs 360° visibility and control of their customer experiences.

The 360° Assurance family of solutions provides a single application from which specific categories of service can be assured through a broadly common five-step customer experience assurance lifecycle that introduces extensive automation at each step. These are: 

  • Monitoring
  • Detecting
  • End-to-end troubleshooting
  • Resolution
  • Validation

The key differentiators of Infovista’s 360° Assurance family of solutions are their comprehensive domain coverage; their detailed geospatial visualization to provide comprehensive geographic coverage and at-a-glance visibility of the variability of QoE across regions; and their rapid solution onboarding and value realization. Infovista 360° Assurance solutions are designed to provide comprehensive and vendor-neutral insight into the performance of any network equipment on an equivalency basis. This becomes increasingly important as the vendor landscape evolves with the arrival of new open technologies that enable new entrants to join the market.