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Customer experience assurance for cable connectivity providers

Infovista KLERITY™

Infovista customer experience assurance for cable service providers delivers a single pane of glass for your network and service operations teams to automate much of the manual activity involved in fulfilling these processes, from an easily extensible cloud-native and scalable platform that grows and evolves with your business. Examples include automating the following tasks – site testing workflow, assurance activation, data enrichment and root-cause analysis.

Infovista for cable addresses the specific deployment, scaling regulatory, and security challenges of cable operators today:

  • Comprehensive visibility for MVNO service offerings;
  • Encrypted video reporting;
  • Regulatory reporting compliance;
  • Consumer protection from robocalling;
  • Security Operations;
  • Inherently secure, high efficiency, high velocity traffic decryption for modern ephemeral cipher suites;
  • Economies of scale through enterprise self-service portals.

Learn more about Infovista’s comprehensive solution to assuring cable connectivity services that grows and evolves with your business.