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Discover unified assurance for your fixed and mobile networks at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2023

Marc Weinberg
Sep. 26 2023

As the cable industry comes together at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo next month in Denver (October 16-19, 2023), the sector's challenges and opportunities have rarely been in sharper focus. New business models and new entrants are challenging the status quo. The rapid growth in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and disruptive radio spectrum and technologies like CBRS and Open-RAN present a significant opportunity for cable providers to extend and grow their market – and to win against new sets of competitors. But it also brings complexity. These new networks need to be planned, tested and deployed and new converged services delivered and monetized. Crucially, this must all be done while assuring a consistent customer experience across both fixed and mobile networks. 

These are the thorny issues that Infovista will be addressing at Cable-Tec. Our experts will be on hand to share best practice use cases from CSPs around the world, drawing on our experience from providing assurance solutions to more than 130 service providers. We invite you to join us in Denver to see our innovative, open and modular solutions in action, learn about our work with US service providers and discover Unified Assurance for your fixed and mobile networks.

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How can you confidently venture into the mobile networks space?

In its latest report on the status of the fixed wireless access market, GSA recorded almost 60 different North American CSPs delivering LTE- and 5G-based FWA services.  

Fixed Wireless Access: Global Status Update (GSA: June 2023)

With the 4G/5G FWA market evolving at such a breathtaking pace, what are the hurdles stopping Cable Service Providers from venturing into radio technology with confidence? At Infovista, we offer a suite of solutions that empower you to succeed in the fixed and mobile realm. This includes enabling you to: 

  • Streamline network planning, testing and assurance across CBRS, O-RAN, and 5G private networks for efficient, reliable deployments. 
  • Deploy cross-domain network assurance for seamless fixed and mobile services with real-time correlation and analytics spanning RAN, transport, core and data centers. 
  • Monetize new mobile services quickly by capitalizing on mobile broadband, FWA, and IoT opportunities with tailored, modular solutions that align with your business needs. 

How can you deliver premium voice and data services across all your networks? 

There is no escaping that in the highly competitive world of telecommunications, delivering excellent customer experience is essential. At Cable-Tec, you can explore how Infovista solutions will enable you to: 

  • Enhance voice quality with our 360° Assurance solutions for VoIP, VoWifi, VoLTE, and VoNR, ensuring crystal-clear calls and improved user satisfaction 
  • Assure business services with predictive analytics and troubleshooting across various networks, guaranteeing top-tier performance and reliability for critical services 
  • Optimize capacity through bottleneck predictions and demand forecasting, maintaining the highest QoS and QoE for customers while minimizing network costs 

How can you streamline your operations with business-driven automation? 

At Infovista, we’re leading the way, with major CSPs such as BT, in developing and delivering automation solutions that streamline your operations and enhance your customer satisfaction. At Cable-Tec we’ll be explaining how our solutions: 

  • Automate anomaly detection, troubleshooting and ticket creation for faster issue resolution and reduced downtime 
  • Speed up broadband complaint resolution with automated analysis and self-healing, enhancing customer satisfaction 
  • Introduce and enable automation across a diverse range of use cases tailored to your specific needs, including forensic monitoring for (special) events, service activations, and post-upgrade validation 

All this is great, but how do you monetize business services with real-time insights? 

Monetization is a key aspect of any CSP's success, and Infovista is here to help you unlock new revenue streams. Our team at Cable-Tec will be able to share use cases of how Infovista solutions enable you to: 

  • Ensure premium SLAs, boosting satisfaction and revenue across various business services and technologies 
  • Offer self-service B2B SLA portals, enhancing customer visibility and control and increasing the attractiveness of services 
  • Monetize customer insights with real-time data and API integration, strengthening your market position through targeted offerings 

As we gather at the Cable-Tec Expo, I’m personally excited to be part of the team there showcasing how our solutions help you address these four big questions. If you want to find out more about how a unified assurance strategy for your fixed and mobile networks can help you, I’d love to meet with you and hear about the challenges you face and the opportunities you see. Join us at our booth #1701 to explore these themes in more detail and discover how Infovista can be your partner in achieving network excellence and business success.  

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