Man looking at screen with Ellipse software


Ellipse – Ensure your backhaul design and dimensioning seamlessly supports your mobile network

Efficient backhaul dimensioning

Ellipse enables you to plan, dimension and optimize any wireless or wired backhaul network. It includes support for the design of the latest 5G X-haul technologies relying on point-to-point and/or point-to-multipoint wireless transmission and incorporates all the latest ITU and 3GPP specifications for the most accurate and efficient transport network design and optimization. Ellipse helps you ensure you have the backhaul capacity and availability to support your network.

In this datasheet, we highlight how Ellipse get your backhaul 5G-ready, optimize backhaul costs, increase planning efficiency and manage your complete backhaul network.

Download this datasheet to learn how to deliver efficient backhaul dimensioning and microwave link planning with Ellipse.