On-demand webinar

Planning for the future today: 5 prerequisites for effective 5G RAN planning

The complexity, cost and scale of the 5G network is already a significant challenge, and only increasing. From building out beyond initial city deployments to dynamically sharing LTE and NR spectrum to deliver subscribers the optimal experience, 5G RAN planning must be built on both accurate real-world data today and predictive models of the future. 

But what are the prerequisites for futureproof RAN planning? In this webinar, respected industry analyst Joe Madden, Founder & Chief Analyst at Mobile Experts, is joined by Regis Lerbour, VP Product & R&D, RAN Engineering at Infovista, to discuss the building blocks of effective LTE and NR RAN planning, including: 

  • The role of accurate network behavior modeling to maximize the planning outcome
  • Automation to improve the efficiency of radio planning and optimization use cases
  • Innovation with AI/ML-based algorithms and Big Data, including crowdsourced user data to deliver user insights and adapt network planning to the live network
  • Integration of network planning into network lifecycle automation (NLA) processes – such as testing, assurance and operations – to optimize ROI Cloud and why the future is native integration with the cloud infrastructure