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How to make 5G smarter through the whole lifecycle

Technologies like 5G present you with a seemingly unsolvable conundrum: how to focus on deploying and
investing in the future, while continually improving operations for the networks that your customers rely on today.

Against a backdrop of record high networks traffic loads, more complex and dynamic cloud environments and the introduction of new SLA-backed enterprise services how can you focus on deploying and investing in the 5G future?

In this brochure we explain how Infovista’s portfolio can help you automate the workflows and operations
between and within the various phases of the end-to-end lifecycle – and automate manual tasks associated with daily 3G and 4G operations – so you can focus on deploying your 5G future, faster.

By simplifying the whole lifecycle from planning, testing, operations and monetization, you can focus on deploying the future, faster.

Download this brochure to understand how Infovista’s solutions can support your 5G journey, including: 

  • 5G network planning: optimize CAPEX, so you can act in hours not weeks
  • 5G testing: reduce OPEX by 40% in 3 years through automation
  • Automated Assurance and Operations: Eliminate 70% of manual processes for a clearer focus on new 5G services
  • Monetize 5G faster with dedicated use cases so you can End-to-end SLA automation, Streamlining network inventory and configuration, Automated RAN diagnosis and optimization